Tips for transporting goods by road

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Road transport is one of the most common ways of moving goods from one point to another, either because of the economic savings involved, the permissiveness in making changes to the route, or the ability to track the shipment, which is an advantage for both the company and the customer.

Although this type of transport can reach any part of the world, it is most ideal at the national or attached territory level, and not so popular at the international level because of its high charges and long waiting time. Also, the latter is usually discarded in cases of urgent shipments, high tariffs, or special types of goods.

The advantages of this type of transport range from low prices, agility, speed, door-to-door service, easy paperwork, to the ability to transport more delicate or dangerous goods. However, it is also important to take into account their lower load capacity, the possible alteration of their route schedule due to traffic or their high level of accidents compared to other methods of transport due to the road.

Tips for safe road freight transport

The following recommendations are essential for the safe transport of goods by road:

1. Check the vehicle

Before and after any journey, it is important to carry out regular checks of the lorry to ensure that it is in good working order and to avoid as far as possible any accidents or accidents that may occur on the road or in nature.

2. Compliance with driving times

This advice goes hand in hand with the previous one, but in relation to the care of the haulier. The driver must ensure that he stops the vehicle according to the times established by the General Directorate of Traffic (DGT) and whenever he suffers symptoms of tiredness or exhaustion.

3. Vigilance at the wheel

This warning is aimed at the driver's behaviour behind the wheel, who should not, under any circumstances, carry out any activity - such as using a mobile phone - while the vehicle is moving and circulating, as he should focus all his attention on the road. 

4. Route planning

Planning a route in advance can ensure greater safety for the transporter and a faster journey, as well as guaranteeing an organisation that positively affects the management and operation of the company's activity.

Undoubtedly, road haulage is the transport of goods that has the most factors in its favour thanks to its agility and economy and, if carried out correctly, is one of the most effective and popular.


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