What factors come into play in a logistics warehouse?

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A logistics warehouse is a space where goods are received, stored, handled and prepared for shipment, among other actions, always depending on the type of activity that the company carries out.

In order to have the most efficient space possible, it must be modernized and correctly adapted to the activity carried out. Both things are part of the correct operation and profitability. The latter is achieved thanks to a good design of the warehouse plan, which is obtained by dividing the space by areas and signaling the work areas that have more traffic to avoid saturation.

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When renting a warehouse it is essential to take into account the following factors: the type of goods, the documentation and the type of transport - whether it is national or international.

            1. Type of goods

A warehouse, like a house or a supermarket, is divided into zones, which will vary depending on the type of goods the company deals with: frozen products, flammable, short or long stay, perishables...; and how it deals with them: whether it requires vehicles to move pallets or whether it is dealing with smaller equipment, such as boxes of a more standard size.

            2. Documentation

Having the right documentation is one of the most important steps in managing a logistics warehouse. To carry out this process, a team is required to monitor the supply chain, handling, movement of goods and the condition of the shelves.

            3. Type of transport 

If the activity carried out by the company is of a national nature, many loading and unloading areas will be needed so that the vehicles entering and leaving the warehouse, usually vans, can move easily around the premises.

If, on the other hand, the activity is of an international nature, the vehicles required will be of a larger volume, such as road transport trailers. Docks are commonly used for loading and unloading.

A logistics warehouse is a space that allows companies to control their merchandise and its management, by facilitating the circulation and the entry and exit of products in an orderly and monitored manner. There are several factors involved and, if not well managed, it can be a difficult process to handle.

 If your company has warehousing needs, do not hesitate to contact us to see how we can help you.


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